Interdependence Day Resources

The Interdependence Handbook:
Looking Back, Living in the Present, Choosing the Future

Edited by Sondra Myers and Benjamin R. Barber

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Interdependence Day Scranton Speakers Bureau

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Sources for interfaith information:

 The Blog  site of Tikkun Magazine sparking cutting edge conversations within a dynamic interfaith community of progressive and spiritual people from all. 

The Ekklesia Project is a network of Christians from across the Christian tradition who rejoice in a peculiar kind of friendship rooted in our common love of God and the Church. 

CivWorld Interdependence Day Website
CivWorld is a global interdependence initiative with four closely linked activities aimed at raising awareness of the interdependent character of global society and fostering transnational and interdependent solutions to global challenges: Interdependence Day Forum and Celebration, Policy and Research on Democracy and Interdependence, Advocacy, and the Global Interdependence Network for Action (The GINA Project).

Check out the website of Tiffany Shlain

"Connected" A Declaration of Interdependence
Mixing powerful visuals, humor, and serious messages, Connected takes audiences on a stream-of-consciousness ride through the interconnectedness of humankind, nature, progress and morality at the dawn of the 21st Century. This film, discussion and Internet project explores the surprising links between biology, technology, and culture, illuminating the complex relationships between our actions and the world.



Democracy and Interdependence: A Selected Bibliography
Courtesy of Penn State University, Worthington Scranton

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Hexagon Project Resources

Entry Form

Parental Release Form

Project Themes

Hexagon Template

Hexagon Project Power Point Presentation

2008 Hexagon Project Exhibit Presentation (samples & inspiration)

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Arts Alive 2007
Declaration of Interdependence

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